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Amr-Gawish is my name -obviously-, technology is my blood type.

I'm a husband, developer, consultant and a Tech Ninja - I create applications (web, mobile) for living.

I rock at J2EE, Oracle ADF, Oracle WebCenter (Interaction, Spaces, Framework and all Portal related technologies),Oracle ECM Development, Oracle SOA, CSS, Javascript, HTML5, Ruby on Rails and more.

I'm interested in Semantic-Web, SOA, Agile, JRuby and Oracle Webcenter.

I also like web and graphic designing (Photoshop, Flash (For Vector Drawing), CSS3 and Calligraphies) check out my stuff

K is my codename, so if you see me using it somewhere, dont panic, its just me!

So that's all folks, give me a visit at my kBLOG , or my new blog mdlwr or see where else I may be.

Why K is my codename ?

K Logo

Well, that's along story...Okay fine I'll tell it, just don't push me.
K is shortcut for KETF EL GAMAL Which means in English "Camel's Shoulder"

One day when I was at secondary school, I had a chemistry class at my friend's House.
When I went there I was fully dressed a Black high neck sweatshirt, Black pants, Black shoes, and of course a Black Hair with a light Black skin!

After laughing and all,one of my friends popped up with the name, saying "Hey dude, you surely look like a Ketf El Gamal.

I was like o_O "Dude, who's the hell is Ketf el gamal?!!?!?!"

He smiled and quietly like Nabil Farouk's comics style and answered "You know Ali Baba and the 40 Thefts".

I Replied "Yes, What about this story!"

He smiled again and said "You know when Ali Baba sneezed, and the Gang's big boss replied 'God Bless you, Abu Serie' -Yar7amkom Allah Yabu Seri3-".

He then continued "And Abu serie Replied 'It's not me boss -mesh ana elli 3atast ya m3alem-', and the big boss wondered "Who did it then", and of course no one answered!".

He ended his talk saying "Abu-Serie was the Right hand for the Big Boss, Ketf El Gamal was his Left Hand!, and he was dressed up just like you do Now!".


He saw my question marks and my shy smile for his joke and answered "Believe me, it suits you perfectly with this weirdo shoulder of yours!"*

After some sleepless nights of thinking, and millions of wet tissues I was convinced.
He convinced me that I'm Ketf el gamal, and Ketf el gamal is me

After time people was getting troublesome calling me Ketf el gamal, It's too long, so it was shortened to Ketf, and afterward it was just K.


* My Shoulder has some special abilities, I can turn it around its center with 270 degrees, The average person can only turn it about 200 degrees!


Who is Amr Gawish ?

General information

Amr Gawish is a Senior Oracle Middleware Fusion developer/consultant. He holds a Bachelor degree in Maths and Computer Sciences from Al-Azhar university Cairo, Egypt. He joined the forces of Oracle first in 2008 by participating in ADF 10g project and soon he was specialized in WebCenter 10g, and SOA 10g, and as 11g released he joined by participating in multiple ADF 11g projects, along with WebCenter 11g with WebCenter Interaction, ECM 10g, SOA 11g and Oracle WebLogic.


Graduated from Sciences college, Maths and Computer Sciences department with grade B (Very Good).

Studied Programming and OOP Methodologies, Software Engineering, Artificial intelligence, Database Concept and analysis, Data and File Structure, Computer graphics and multimedia.
Besides Courses in Mathematics, Probabilities, Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Operation Research.

Current position

I'm currently working as a Senior Oracle Middleware Consultant/Developer at P Systems.

Favorite TV Shows


Bleach, Naruto, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, samurai champloo, samurai X, Tengan Tuppa Gurren Lagan!, Mazinkaiser, Grindizer, Death note and Darker than Black.


WALL-E, Up, Fight club, The Lord of the rings, The Matrix, All Pixar/Desiney Movies, and more...

Past Experience

Oracle Middleware Consultant / Developer

Advanced Operations Technology (Information Technology and Services industry)
March 2010 till Present (10 months)

Software Java Developer

egabi (Information Technology and Services industry)
August 2008 till March 2010 (1 year 8 months)

J2EE consultant

amera (Non-Profit Organization Management industry)
February 2009 till April 2009 (3 months)
Developing and enhancing the RIPS online system (Refugee Information Processing System) to help the team with a better informative data entry and reports with additional functionality.
The project done using JSF, and POJOs with tomcat and Eclipse environment

more about my experience in my linkedin profile

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If you found this avatar , thats me.
If you found a username called agawish that's also me.

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